The true story behind the 'Which’ article

I am devastated to be having to write this article, and the fact that I was not given a chance to comment on the Which article, as they would not provide us with the case information.I was however, disappointed to find that one of my representatives had failed to follow the company’s sales literature provided and make a claim that could not be substantiated. Customer service is of paramount importance to us, and this is reflected in an independent survey of our customers carried out by IWA Insurance, who found that 99% were satisfied with us. As we offer excellent service, top quality products, a price promise and promote to our customers a seven day cancellation period. Mr Baum of Leicestershire confirmed “how swiftly my deposit was refunded and what a professional service I received”

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We have now further improved and refined our training with all staff. We also carry out regular customer surveys to ensure that we do not have a repeat of such an incident.

Stuart Folley

Managing Director